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Compete for First, Second & Third Place Trophies 

Quest only event, all competitors must bring a Quest 1 or Quest 2, they are responsible for the operation and functionality of their respective device. The event organizer is not responsible for providing any gear to the user.

Attendees must observe social distancing guidelines and wear facemasks at all times while in the event space. Due to COVID-19 protocols headset sharing is strictly prohibited.

The winning team and all individual team members will be awarded a custom trophy to commemorate their victory at the end of the event. 

Format will be the existing competitive format for current Echo Arena seasons. Best 2 out of 3, 10 minute running clock, teams of 4 players, 4 x 4 restriction.

The event will be live broadcasted to Twitch, by attending you agree to being filmed while either competing or viewing the event.

Donations of at least $25 will earn your name on the live broadcast. Donations meeting or exceeding $5 will yield a shout-out along with your name on the live broadcast.



Event Organizers reserve the right to modify or alter schedule as scope of the event may change due to rise in attendance.

Friday 2:00 PM - 10:00 | Meet and Greet + Freeplay
Saturday 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM | Tournament Day 1 with Live Broadcast
Sunday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Tournament Day 2 with Live Broadcast



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a LAN build?

No, a LAN build wasn't provided to us or accessible to us. The event will be run through NY/NJ servers at ~23-32 ms latency (ping).

Are you running off hotel wi-fi?

No, the event infrastructure is running through a 2 gigabit up / down hardwired connection to an internal network. It's a closed network within the venues network. The event network will be serviced by a custom built router with an i5-4500 and 4 gigs RAM, there will be a WiFi 6 access point as well as a redundant wireless access point as a contingency.

Will everyone have access to that access point?

No, the access point password will revolve between matches. Upon entry to the event space, competitors will be provided with a short password to connect to the internal network. You will have to enter a new password every time you enter the event space to compete.

Where is the event taking place?

The event is taking place within the hotel. The Contender Series will be running out of a room on the second-floor of the hotel. There is very limited occupancy for the event space so it's necessary to book a room at the hotel and spend time within your room, the general areas of the hotel and among your friends while you watch the stream and/or prepare for your tournament matches.

What if I want to physically watch the matches?

There are a very limited number of VIP tickets that will allow you general access to the event space, as long as you aren't disruptive to competitors, staff or other guests, you will  be allowed in the event space.(edited)

Message #╠contender-series


Travel by car: the destination is directly off Interstate 95.

Domestic travel by plane: domestic travel to Reagan Airport (DCA) will be most economical. Attendees can take the Amtrak line to Fredericksburg station then taxi south 5 miles to the destination.  Make note of the rail times because they do not operate 24/7. Check rail times at the Amtrak website.

International travel by plane: international travel to Dulles Airport (IAD) will be the most economical. Attendees will take a rail line East and then South to the destination then taxi south 5 miles to the destination. Make note of the rail times because they do not operate 24/7.  Check rail times at the Amtrak website.

If renting a car: attendees can fly to Richmond International Airport (RIR), both domestically and internationally, then drive ~60 miles North on Interstate 95 to the destination


Lodging & Accommodation

Rooms starting at $89.

No cancellation fees, no attrition fees.

Book here:

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